About the project

The development of the Koktaszhal deposit is a unique project initiated by Altay Polymetals. It combines innovative technology, environmentally friendly production and social orientation. The project is funded by the company’s own funds and is export-oriented. The project will be launched in January 2015.

Technology and Innovation

The primary objective of the project is the effective development of the Koktaszhal deposit. For the first time in the history of the mining industry not only in the CIS, but also in the world, a 100% cyclic-flow line system will be used in the development of the deposit by open-cut mining. A unique patented technology allows to run the cycle-flow line transport down to the end of the pit. Its advantages are obvious:

  • Low production cost compared to conventional methods (economic effect is up to 50%);
  • No environment pollution sources (fuels and lubricants, oil, exhaust gases) - the process is fully electrified;
  • Possibility to involve in commercial development low- grade (marginal) deposits;
  • Operations safety due to the absence of moving equipment.

The main equipment suppliers are foreign partners: TAKRAF (Germany), METSO (Finland), ATLAS COPCO (Swiss), HITACHI (Japan). To date, contracts to the amount of more than 240 million USD were concluded.
Especially for use at the Koktaszhal deposit the company METSO has designed the world’s largest crushing unit LT-200. A large-size installation based on the jaw breaker is safe for the environment and allows to save costs by reducing carriage by truck at the open copper mine. The gross weight of the mobile system is more than 800 tons, while it can easily move around the mine. This machine is the key element of the system and allows to crush the copper ore with a rated capacity of 3,200 tons per hour, or 19,700,000 tons of the rock mass a year.
In addition, two VTM-4500-C mills selected for the project, are the largest in the class and combine high efficiency and low consumption of milling agent, as well as allow to significantly increase the volume of the finished product. These factors have played an important role for the customer when making the final decision. Extraction of metals reaches 97% (copper), 82% (gold), and 90% (silver). The finished products are copper, gold, and silver concentrate. The new technology is already patented in the territory of Kazakhstan (Patent No. 25579), the application for a patent in Europe was also filed.

Social Component

To supply a necessary amount of electricity to the project and the nearby village of Terekty multiple power supply facilities were constructed and reconstructed, in addition, a single-circuit 220 kV overhead line with a total length of 196 km was constructed. Total costs of electrification are greater than 34.5 mln. USD. Thanks to laying the direct power transmission line, the price of electricity tariff for residents of Karkaraly district has decreased in 2 times. This allows to increase the power supply capacity up to 100 MW, which will give an impetus to the development of the region in the industrial segment. The construction of more than 200 cottages intended for future employees of the plant, as well as halls for wrestling and boxing, playgrounds for volleyball, basketball, mini football; a swimming pool, with the possibility of holding international competitions was started in the village.

LEP INFOThe reconstruction of the hotel was carried out, meals at school and kindergarten was organized by the French company Central Asia Catering. In the future, this company will arrange supply of meals for employees, as well as the management of a cafeteria and a supermarket.

The reconstruction of the school (where 82 pupils are currently studying) and kindergarten (53 children) is in the progress. Various study groups were organized for children, musical equipment and sports equipment were purchased. The events devoted to national holidays are held regularly, charity events with granting the clothes and shoes to needy families and orphans, days dedicated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front are held. The works on redevelopment of the streets of the Terekty village are carried out, a regular water supply was organized, garbage containers and garbage removal truck were purchased for the removal of household waste: currently more than 3,000 sq.m. of waste was utilized. More new jobs for residents of the village and the surrounding area are constantly created.